Published Books

The Sea View Has Me Again: Uwe Johnson in Sheerness,
Repeater Books, hb: 8 December 2020,
pb: 2021

Passport to Peking: the British Discovery of Mao’s China,
Oxford University Press, 2011 (hb)

Iron Curtain: from Stage to Cold War,
Oxford University Press, 2007,  Paperback edition (Health warning: published in microscopic print), OUP, 2009

Tank: the Progress of a Monstrous War Machine,
British edition: Faber, 2001 (hb) and  2002 (pb).  US edition: Viking 2003 (hb) and Penguin (pb) 2004.

The River: The Thames in Our Time,
BBC Worldwide, 1999.

The Village that Died for England,
Cape, 1995. Revised second edition, Faber 2002. Expanded third edition, with a new introduction published by Repeater Books as The Village That Died For England: Tyneham and the Legend of Churchill’s Pledge, in September 2021. See the primary site, as filmed in 1996.

A Journey Through Ruins: The Last Days of London,
Radius, 1991; enlarged edition, Flamingo 1993. Further revised, enlarged and finalised edition, Oxford University Press, 2009.

On Living in an Old Country: The National Past in Contemporary Britain, with drawings by Andrzey Krauze, Verso 1985 and 1981. Revised, expanded and finalised edition with a new introduction,
Oxford University Press, 2009.