Recent Communications

“From Downton Abbey to the Blitz Spirit: Living with the Ghosting of Britain,” conversation with Gerry Hassan, in Gerry Hassan and Simon Barrow (eds.), Scotland After the Virus, Edinburgh: Luath Press, November 2020.

[Longer version:] “‘A decisive effort is necessary’: heritage, Brexit and the British state: Gerry Hassan in conversation with Patrick Wright,” Soundings: A Journal of politics and culture, London: Lawrence & Wishart, Vol. 76, Winter 2020-1, pp. 95-110. The accessible version, published in Eurozine, is available here. 

The man who would be Christ,” New Statesman, 17 June 1988.  Resurrected and republished on 28 October 2020

The English Fix is a series of seven 28 minute radio documentaries made after the Brexit referendum of 23 June 2016. Concerned with English rather than British identity, they considered the influence of encroachment narratives on both sides of the political spectrum. The programmes were  broadcast in two series by  BBC Radio Four in February 2017 (Series 1) & September 2017 (Series 2). It. was a pleasure to work with the various producers involved, and I remain grateful to Gwyneth Williams, then Controller of Radio 4, who was responsible for encouraging them into existence.